WordPress Tips

Here is list of the best tips to make your WordPress Website run the best.

  • Make sure you running the latest wordpress release (you should be doing this for security reasons anyway)
  • Use a caching plugin (W3 Total Cache or Quick Cache)
  • Optimize and Repair your Database from myPhpAdmin or with a plug in
  • Make sure you keep your images sizes as small as possible
  • Use good hosting
  • Don’t use more plugins than you need
  • Use a lighter theme if possible
  • Keep page sizes as small as possible
  • Add far future expires header to images, CSS and javascript files (plugin or .htaccess
  • Use gzip compression (plugin or .htaccess
  • Kill spam comment (plugin or .htaccess

WordPress is a great platform for your website or blog but does require more server resources than traditional html based websites.