Getting Started Guide

These are basic guidelines for getting started planning a website.

  1. What do you want your website to do for you? Online Brochure, e Commerce, News, Business Development, Etc.
  2. What do you want to use for your domain name?
  3. Target Audience: Will they be using mobile devices or regular PCs? Age? Gender?
  4. What type of materials do you already have? These may include previously published printed collateral, previous or current websites, previously produced multimedia, video, printed advertisements, pictures or even hand written notes.
  5. Organize the Contents. A good way to start is simply by taking a pencil and pad of paper, and roughing out the hierarchical structure of your website.
  6. Page Layout. Header, Footer, Number of Columns, Etc.
  7. Colors, Fonts, Text Size and Images
  8. Navigation
  9. Websites you like or don’t like.
  10. Things you want or don’t want on your website.
  11. Do you want to manage yourself or pay someone to?

These basic guidelines should help you get a great start to planning a very successful website.

Printable Versions: PDF |  DOC